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Ukrzaliznytsia Refund

Ukrzaliznytsia Refund Became Easier with New Online Service

Ukrzaliznytsia refund became easier with a new online service for the refund of tickets with complaints – now it is no longer necessary to fill out a paper application; it is sufficient to complete an electronic version of the claim.

According to the carrier’s press service, the procedure for a complaint-based ticket refund is carried out when online refunds are already closed or are inherently unavailable.

Here are the steps to follow for Ukrzaliznytsia refund: 

    • Go to the Ukrzaliznytsia website.
    • Choose the Complaint-based Ticket Refund tab.
    • Fill out the electronic claim form following the instructions on the website.
    • Sign the claim using Diia.Pidpis (Action.Sign).
    • Wait for the results of the claim review.

It is noted that from now on, refunds can be processed from any part of the world. All that is needed is to have “Diia.Pidpis” and a stable internet connection.