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Wizz Air

Wizz Air Cancels 20 Routes from Polish Airports

Airports in Wroclaw, Katowice, and Krakow will be most affected as Wizz Air cancels flights due to engine issues found in Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft operated by the airline. Planes are currently awaiting additional inspections.

Starting from April 2024, Wizz Air will no longer operate flights on the following routes:

Wroclaw to Keflavik
Wroclaw to Kutaisi
Wroclaw to Valencia
Wroclaw to Dubrovnik
Wroclaw to Burgas
Wroclaw to Rhodes
Wroclaw to Dortmund
Wroclaw to Birmingham
Katowice to Bergen
Katowice to Oslo
Katowice to Aqaba
Katowice to Brussels
Katowice to Castellon
Katowice to Ibiza
Krakow to Keflavik
Krakow to Kutaisi
Krakow to Stockholm
Krakow to Valencia
Krakow to Catania
Krakow to Burgas
Krakow to Birmingham
Krakow to Leeds
Warsaw to Birmingham
Warsaw to Marrakesh
Warsaw to Agadir
Gdansk to Kutaisi

Additionally, some Wizz Air flights from Poland are rescheduled to start much later than usual, with certain routes not available until June 2024 instead of April. It’s worth noting that Ryanair, another low-cost carrier, has also decided to close some flights from Warsaw.