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Katowice Airport

Katowice Airport Investment Program for 2024-2028

The Upper Silesian Aviation Group (GTL SA) has presented the Katowice Airport investment program for 2024-2028. The plan covers the expansion of all airport areas, i.e. passenger, aircraft maintenance and cargo. Moreover, GTL SA plans to expand a fourth area of activities in the form of a multimodal goods and fuel delivery hub with railway siding connection. The biggest and most expensive project planned in the investment program for 2024-2028 is the construction of the central passenger terminal.

The most important investments planned as part of the KTW infrastructure expansion program are:

  • Central passenger terminal with a surface of 49 thousand sq m. The building will be equipped with jet bridges and connected with “Pyrzowice Lotnisko” (Katowice Airport) railway station via a tunnel.
  • New road system in front of central terminal with a kiss & fly area.
  • Multimodal transfer centre.
  • Expansion of open car parks, construction of a multi-storey car park.
  • Multimodal Goods and Fuel Delivery Hub with Railway Siding Connection.
  • Fourth aircraft maintenance hangar.
  • Second cargo terminal.
  • New fire station of the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service and new facilities for the airport’s transport and operations departments.

The total estimated cost of the Katowice Airport investment program for 2024-2028 is approx. PLN 1.5B; construction of the central passenger terminal is PLN 950M. GTL SA plans to finance the project from own funds, a commercial credit, capital increase and European Union grant.

Train Connection to Pyrzowice Lotnisko

On 10 December 2023 (Sunday), Koleje Śląskie trains debuted on the S9 route, which goes through the following route: Częstochowa – Częstochowa-Raków – Poraj – Myszków – Zawiercie – Poręba – Siewierz – Mierzęcice – Pyrzowice Lotnisko (Katowice Airport) – Miasteczko Śląskie Centrum – Tarnowskie Góry. The line is handled with a frequency of 10 pairs of trains daily.