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Ukrzaliznytsia to Adjust International Train Fares to Offset Losses

In previous years, Ukrzaliznytsia, the Ukrainian Railways, employed discounts on practically all international routes to attract passenger traffic. However, today the company has decided to reconsider this strategy as annual losses from passenger transport exceed 12 billion UAH, according to a statement from Ukrzaliznytsia’s press service.

The adjustment of international tariffs will allow Ukrzaliznytsia to maintain the current ticket prices for domestic routes and continue the modernization of its rolling stock.

The ticket prices for the train from Kyiv to Warsaw will increase by 72%. However, there will be more affordable alternative options for this route. Depending on the class of seat, the cost of travel to Helm and back, where passengers can conveniently transfer to Warsaw, will increase as follows: for trains from Dnipro — within 4-11%, from Kharkiv — 17-48%, from Kyiv — 15-47%.

Additionally, the cost of travel in night trains to Vienna and Przemysl will increase minimally, within 3%. For the Intercity+ Kyiv — Przemysl — Kyiv route, the price will rise by 26%, and in the night train Odesa — Przemysl — Odesa, the increase will be in the range of 37-49%. The ticket prices for trains to Chisinau and Budapest will remain unchanged.

The new tariffs will come into effect with the introduction of the new passenger train schedule on December 10, 2023. Until that date, passengers purchasing tickets for any day will pay the old prices.