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Ukrainian Passport

Ukraine Moves Up in Global Passport Power Rank 2018

Ukraine ranks at No. 24 with a score of 131. Ukraine has jumped six places in the Global Passport Power Rank 2018, up from 32nd in 2017 to the 24th place in 2018.

The Ukrainian passport guarantees visa-free travel to 90 countries and 41 countries where visa upon arrival is available.

In June this year, the visa-free regime between Ukraine and Antigua and Barbuda entered into force.

Singapore citizens have the most powerful passport of the year, with a visa-free score of 166. A Singaporean passport will grant visa-free access to 127 countries, while just 29 countries would require a visa upon arrival.

Second place is shared by Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, South Korea and the United States.