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UIA Receives Permission for Transportation of Dangerous Goods from the Chinese Aviation Authority

Ukraine International received a license for the transportation of dangerous goods of categories 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9 from the People’s Republic of China. Thus, UIA has become one of the first out of around 50 airlines-applicants to get such DGR license.

The license gives UIA the right to transport to/from China consumer goods, which are specified as «Dangerous Goods». These are smartphones, computers, tablets, photo cameras and other electronical items of well known world brands, which are produced in the PRC.

«It took us over 3 years for receiving the license, during this time the company was subject to numerous thorough checks by the Chinese Aviation Authority. As a rule, China checks the reliability of the carriers who are going to transport the goods specified as «Dangerous Goods» very scrupulously. Now all the formalities are finalized, UIA has new opportunities for organizing the transportation of consumer goods on non-stop flights Kyiv – Beijing – Kyiv by wide-body long-haul Boeing-777 aircraft, – noted Peter Kukharchuk, UIA Logistics and Cargo Director. – I would also like to mention the fact that UIA was among the first ones to receive a license for transportation of several categories of dangerous goods, gives us significant competitive advantages».