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Odesa International Airport Announces Competition for an Art Object Creation

Airport “Odesa” will soon hold an open international competition for the creation of sculpture near the new terminal. This art project is designed to bring together talented artists and Odessans, giving the opportunity to take an active part in creating a new business card of the airport and the city of Odesa.

“Contemporary art has long been beyond the walls of galleries and exhibition centers. Today, art fills street space with original concepts and unexpected forms, affecting the atmosphere and comfort of cities. The main task of our competition is to find and create such a work of modern art that will help Odesa airport to become special, recognizable, as bright and charismatic as Odesa itself” — said Yuliya Nuzhina, curator of the municipal art gallery Laurus, creator of art projects for the magazine Forbes, Art Arsenal, American House in Kyiv, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, curator of Ukrainian art projects in Azerbaijan and Monaco.

“Today, the best airports in the world serve not only as objects of infrastructure, but also as cultural centers. For example, airports of Doha, Singapore, Amsterdam, Inchon and others, which are world known for their art installations.

In this context, the airport “Odesa” joins this list and will be the first among the airports of Ukraine to hold an open international competition for the creation of sculpture. As a result, the air gate of the South of Ukraine will receive a new symbol that combines aviation, color and originality of the city of Odesa” — claimed Vyacheslav Cheglatonev, Marketing and Commerce Director of Odesa International Airport LLC.