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Antalya turkey

The Most Overrated Cities in the World

The most overrated cities in the world were determined based on the analysis of online traveler reviews on various platforms.

According to The Independent, the city of Bangkok topped the rating. The probability that travelers will feel disappointed after visiting the capital of Thailand was estimated at 16.6%.

In second place was the Turkish beach resort of Antalya with a disappointment rating of 16.5%, followed by Singapore with 15.8%. According to the analysis, the most disappointing impressions from these cities were the Water Planet water park and the two-kilometer shopping street Orchard Road, respectively.

Rounding out the top five are German Munich (15.7%) and Italian Rimini (14.2%).

Also in the top 10 were London and Paris, which shared the eighth place with a probability of disappointing tourists of 13.8%. In the capital of Great Britain, the attraction that most likely made visitors want more was the “London Eye” ferris wheel, and in the French capital – the bohemian district of Montmartre.

The Most Overrated Cities in the World:

1. Bangkok, Thailand (16.6%)

2. Antalya, Turkey (16.5%)

3. Singapore (15.8%)

4. Munich, Germany (15.7%)

5. Rimini, Italy (14.2%)

6-7. Miami, USA (13.9%)

6-7. Mumbai, India (13.9%)

8-9. London, United Kingdom (13.8%)

8-9. Paris, France (13.8%)

10. Tokyo, Japan (13.6%)