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Kostiantyn Liorek

Kostiantyn Liorek Becomes 2nd Ukrainian to Visit All UN Countries

Kostiantyn Liorek became the second Ukrainian to visit every country listed by the United Nations.

Embarking on this ambitious journey, Kostiantyn Liorek spent nearly a decade traversing the globe to explore the diverse cultures and landscapes of all UN member states. This accomplishment places him in an elite group of global travelers, as only a select few have successfully undertaken and completed such an extensive and challenging odyssey.

Born in Kyiv in 1970, Liorek’s journey reflects not only a profound dedication to exploration but also a commitment to fostering cultural understanding and global connectivity. Fluent in English and Polish, with a solid grasp of French, German, Norwegian, and Spanish, Liorek’s travels serve as a testament to the power of curiosity and the ability of travel to transcend borders and boundaries.