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Ukrainian Passport

Ukrainian Passport Ranked 30th by Henley & Partners

Ukrainian passport has ranked 30th in the international ranking by Henley & Partners, which showcases changes in visa-free access around the world. It shares the same position with Grenada and Saint Lucia. Currently, holders of the Ukrainian passport can enter 146 countries without a visa, which is two more compared to the previous year.

The top position in the ranking was secured by Singapore, surpassing Japan for the first time in five years. Singaporean citizens enjoy visa-free access to 192 countries.

Germany, Spain, and Italy share the second spot in the passport index. Citizens of these countries can enter visa-free or with simplified visa procedures in 190 countries and territories.

The third position in the ranking is shared by seven countries: Austria, Luxembourg, Finland, France, Sweden, South Korea, and Japan.

The bottom positions in the passport index are occupied by Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.