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Ukrainian Golden Ale

Ukrainian Golden Ale Recognised as a Distinct Beer Style

Ukrainian golden ale has been recognized as a distinct beer style. The ale has been included in the updated version of the European Consumer Beer Guide. The promotion of the golden ale was initiated by a group of beer enthusiasts, brewers, and industry representatives in the second half of 2021. The ale’s recipe was developed in Ukraine and has been on the market since 2009.

To distinguish and describe this style, the recipes of Ukrainian brewers were compared, and tastings were conducted. The taste of golden ale is described as “quite strong, yet rounded and full-bodied, with a pronounced sweet aftertaste and a subtle hint of coriander.” Ukrainian golden ale has already been brewed in the USA, the UK, Scotland, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Canada, and plans are underway to brew it in Switzerland. It has been distributed in breweries such as Crusader Brewery in California and Midwest Coast Brewing in Illinois due to its popularity, and it is also being poured at Andes Brewing Co in Ecuador.