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Contactless Payment for Public Transportation to Launch in Lviv on December 11

Starting from December 11, Lviv will offer contactless payment for public transportation on all city routes, as announced by the Lviv City Council’s press service.

Passengers will be able to make cashless payments for their rides using not only bank cards or NFC-enabled devices but also the LeoKart transportation card. The LeoKart card will be available for purchase in just a week. Meanwhile, cash payments to the driver will still be an option.

“At this stage, we will have full passenger and financial tracking, including cash payments. We will monitor validations on every route and bus. Drivers will receive an official transparent salary. Once the system operates smoothly and passengers have the option to pay in various ways, we will transition to the stage of paying transportation services to carriers,” stated the press service.

Starting December 11, the opportunity for discounted fares will only be available to owners of personalized LeoKart transportation cards. Other forms of identification that previously provided eligibility for discounted fares will no longer be valid.