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18th Century Palace in Zhuravno, Lviv Region to Undergo Restoration

In the village of Zhuravno, located in the Lviv region, efforts are underway to restore an 18th-century palace that has fallen into disrepair. Upon completion of the restoration, the palace will house the “Hope for Kids” Center, providing psychological support for children affected by the war. The Lviv Regional Council, military administration, and the charitable foundation “HopeUA” have signed a memorandum for the restoration project, which is estimated to cost $3 million.

Funding for the project will be provided by donors from the Netherlands, with work scheduled to begin in the spring of 2024. The entire reconstruction process is expected to last for two years. Currently, the restoration project, master plan, architectural approvals, and all necessary documentation are already in place.

The project involves the refurbishment of the palace, including the addition of shelter, a dining area, recreational spaces, and residential quarters. Furthermore, specialized rooms, both educational and therapeutic, will be incorporated. The center is expected to accommodate around 200-250 children per month, as explained by Anna Tkachyk, a representative of the charitable foundation “HopeUA.”

The Skshynsky-Chortoryisky Palace was initially constructed at the end of the 18th century and featured a winter garden and a pavilion on its grounds, surrounded by a landscaped park.

In 1904, the original building was destroyed by fire. At that time, the owner of Zhuravno, Antoni Skshynsky, commissioned the construction of a new palace in the Neo-Renaissance style. In the 1930s, the palace underwent restoration and expansion under the last owners, the couple Helena Skshynska and Kazimierz Chortoryisky.