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New Cafes in Lviv

6 New Cafes in Lviv

In this article, ukrainetravelnews.com presents insights into recently opened cafes in Lviv during the winter season.

Senses Chef Table

Senses Chef Table on Halytska Street is a restaurant specializing in chef’s table dining experiences. The concept was introduced by American chef Robert Nui. The gastropub is more than just about food; it’s a collaboration of chefs from different parts of the world aimed at nurturing Ukrainian gastronomic culture. The primary mission is to raise funds for the Ukrainian army and those affected. The first dinner, with a focus on Thai cuisine, took place in early February, featuring guest chef Tom Kettley.


Ayda is a restaurant featuring Middle Eastern cuisine, established by the founders of the Georgian establishment Akhali. The team aims to adapt Middle Eastern recipes to the modern city, offering sets of kebabs and chebureks, as well as dishes like pilaf, lagman, and grilled meats.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian Cafe is located on Krakivska Street near the Armenian Cathedral. The cafe is known for its Basque cheesecake. The menu also includes the Spanish dish Tortilla De Patatas and Spanish sandwiches on thick bread or baguette with skewers. The beverage selection includes coffee, signature teas, and sherry.

Bar 4

Bar 4 is a cocktail bar in the basement of the Ferenc Hotel. With around 50 items on the cocktail menu, it offers a variety of signature drinks. In addition to drinks, the bar also serves items from the lunch menu and breakfast.

Uno City Cafe

Uno City Cafe is located on the third floor of the Magnus shopping center with a view of the Opera House. The team describes the format as “special food, tasty coffee, quality music.” The cafe was launched by the owners of the same-named cafe in Lutsk.


Asian is a restaurant featuring Asian cuisine by restaurateur Nestor Shumansky. The kitchen is led by chef Jan Nguyen, who previously worked at the Chang restaurant in Kyiv.