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“Vita Park Borysfen” introduces transfer to hotel

For the purpose of increasing the level of comfort for the guests of “Vita Park Borysfen” Reikartz company introduced a new offer under which the rate per single room including transfer from the subway station “Petrivka” to the hotel and in the opposite direction will constitute minimum 745 UAH!

7459_700x500_dim1Transfer will be provided along the route: subway station “Petrivka” – Hotel “Vita Park Borysfen” between 13:00 and 20:00 as well as in the opposite direction from “Vita Park Borysfen” to subway station “Petrivka” from 7:00 to 12:00.

At subway station “Petrivka” the boarding and deboarding of passengers will be held at the address 24 Verbova street.

Guests will not have to wait for a cab, the car will be at the stated time.

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