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Ukrzaliznytsya Tests New Hygiene Standards in Trains

Ukrzaliznytsya starting a gradual transition to new standards of quality passenger service in Ukrzaliznytsia trains.

As part of the “pilot”, the company is testing the following on the first two trains:
– new generation detergents for internal washing of wagons — these wagons should look exemplary!
– instead of bar soap, we test high-quality foam in convenient automatic dispensers;
– installed more convenient holders for toilet paper and replaced the paper itself;
– provided restrooms with disposable covers for toilets;
– added paper towel dispensers.

But that’s not all: as part of the pilot, Ukrzaliznytsya will offer passengers to use hygiene kits with disposable slippers, wet and dry wipes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a hair comb. All this can be purchased by the passengers of reserved and compartment cars from the conductor, and for passengers of luxury cars this set will be included in the price of the ticket.

Which flights were lucky enough to get “pilot” cars?
🚆№75/76 Kryvyi Rih — Kyiv
🚆 “Train to Victory” (until September 13, 2022 on route #31/32 Zaporizhzhia — Lviv).