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Ukrainians fill one Ryanair flight from Warsaw every day

“We are in talks with a number of carriers and airports, among others, Ukrainian, regarding the launching of new routes to Modlin”,- said Leszek Chorzewski, president of Modlin airport.

plane“Every day, when I go to the office I see a lot of the cars with Ukrainian and Belarusian registrations on the parking lot. If it is profitable to drive from Grodno, Brest and Lviv to us to get away by plane it means that the eastern market has huge potential for us”, – says Leszek Chorzewski.

Calculations shows that Ukrainians now make up 3 percent of all passengers passing through the airport – almost 80 thousand passengers a year.

The interest in flights from Ukraine is not a new topic on the Polish market. You can see it after recent activity of Ukraine International Airlines, which increased the frequency of Warsaw – Kiev flights, launched a new route from Chopin to Vinnitsa and launched a route from Gdansk to Ivano-Frankivsk. Currently, only Ryanair performs regular flights from Modlin.

“Today, many Ukrainians traveling to Poland, where further transfer onto low-cost. We see great potential and we would love to have a direct connection to Ryanair at the airport in Modlin, where passengers from Lviv would have a wide range of transfer connections,” – said Tatiana Romanowska from Lviv Airport.

Ryanair’s possible entry to Ukrainian market has been discussed for years, but until now, airline doesn’t have any particular plans.


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