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Ukrainian Parliament Adopts Bill on Use of English Language in Ukraine

Today, the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) voted in favor of draft law No. 9432 on the use of the English language in Ukraine. This landmark decision marks a significant step towards promoting English as a language of international communication within the country.

Key Provisions of the Bill

The bill officially establishes the status of English as one of the languages of international communication in Ukraine and outlines specific measures to enhance its use in various spheres. These measures include:

  • Identifying positions where proficiency in English is a mandatory requirement for employment.
  • Regulating the use of English in the operations of government agencies, local self-governance bodies, emergency services, border crossings, education, transportation, and healthcare.

Significance of the Bill

The adoption of this bill signals a commitment to strengthening Ukraine’s international integration and fostering a multilingual society. By promoting English language skills, the country aims to enhance its competitiveness in the global arena, expand opportunities for education and employment, and facilitate communication with international partners.

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