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Lavender Season Blooms at Dobropark in Kyiv Region

The lavender season at Dobropark, located in the village of Motyzhyn in the Kyiv region, will begin on June 15th.

A Lavender Paradise Awaits

Visitors can immerse themselves in the fragrant beauty of lavender across four distinct locations, each showcasing different varieties and offering unique photo opportunities. A highlight is a field with 100-meter-long lavender stripes, complemented by lavender plants reaching over 60 centimeters in height. In total, the park boasts 6 hectares of lavender.

Ticket Information and More

This season, tickets are priced at 350 hryvnia for adults and 250 hryvnia for children. Visitors can also purchase various lavender products, including different varieties of the plant itself, as well as sachets, soap, and candles made from lavender.

Other Lavender Locations

While Dobropark offers a captivating lavender experience, here are some other notable locations to witness the blooming beauty of lavender in summer.


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