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most polluted cities COVID-19 to Wipe Out 40% of Passenger Traffic

Ukrainian air passenger traffic up by a third

Ukrainian airlines and airports have seen third more passengers over the first nine months of 2017, almost reaching the same total as the whole of 2016, according to recent figures from the State Aviation Service of Ukraine.

32.2% more passengers travelled with Ukrainian airline companies – 8.19 million passengers, almost matching 2016’s annual total of 8.2 million.

Passenger traffic at Ukrainian airports has seen similar growth trajectories: a 30.3% uplift from January – September amounting to 12.577 million passengers. Similarly, this figure is nipping at the heels of 2016’s total figure of 12.9 million passengers. Volumes of international traffic over the nine months rose 32%, while Ukrainian airlines increased their volume of flights by only 20.2%.

Source: mastertura.com.ua

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