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Ukraine International to Resume Flights to Groatia

As part of the start of summer navigation – 2021, Ukraine International Airlines announces the resumption of the popular tourist destinations Kyiv – Split – Kyiv and Kyiv – Pula – Kyiv from June 2, 2021.

Kyiv – Pula – Kyiv flights will be operated on Wednesday and Saturday according to the following schedule:

  • Kyiv (KBP) – Pula (PUY): departure 06:30 (local time) – arrival 08:00 (local time)
  • Pula (PUY) – Kyiv (KBP): departure 09:00 (local time) – arrival 12:25 (local time)

Kyiv – Split – Kyiv flights will be operated according to the following schedule:

  • on Thursday:
    • Kyiv (KBP) – Split (SPU): departure 15:30 (local time) – arrival 16:45 (local time)
    • Split (SPU) – Kyiv (KBP): departure 17:45 (local time) – arrival 21:05 (local time)
  • on Sunday:
    • Kyiv (KBP) – Split (SPU): departure 05:15 (local time) – arrival 06:30 (local time)
    • Split (SPU) – Kyiv (KBP): departure 07:25 (local time) – arrival 10:45 (local time)

Please note, that there are currently some epidemiological restrictions on crossing the borders of different countries. From April, 1, entry to the territory of Croatia is allowed for citizens of Ukraine for tourist purposes if there is a payment for accommodation and provided negative result of a PCR test / or rapid test, which was taken no more than 48 hours before departure, or a document confirming vaccination.