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Lviv City Hall

Turkish Airlines Increases Istanbul – Lviv Frequency

Turkish Airlines announced the flight frequency increase on Istanbul – Lviv (LWO) – Istanbul route.

Turkey’s national carrier will increase frequency to 10 weekly flights as of October 28, 2018.

Flight Number  Start End  Days Departure Destination 
TK 441 28.Oct.2018 30.Mar.2019 1.34.67 IST     05:10 LWO   07:10
TK 442 28.Oct.2018 30.Mar.2019 1.34.67 LWO   08:05 IST      10:10
TK 443 28.Oct.2018 29.Mar.2019 12.45.7 IST      16:25 LWO    18:25
TK 444 28.Oct.2018 29.Mar.2019 12.45.7 LWO    19:20 IST      21:30

* All times are in UTC

Founded in 1256, at an intersection between East and West, Lviv has been a home to various ethnicities throughout the centuries. Languages, such as Polish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Yiddish and Austrian German were all spoken at some point. The eventful history of Lviv, that was largely spared the destruction of the Second World War, can be seen in the city’s architecture. For this reason, the city’s historical center exhibits the enclosed building development of not only the Renaissance, but also Baroque, Neoclassicism, Historicism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Today, tourists, business travelers and, in particular, the many students bring the city – at the foot of the Carpathians and in 2012 host to the UEFA European championship – to life. 

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Source: FTNNews