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The Most Popular Countries to Study Abroad

Taking your studies overseas for part, or all, of your course can be one of the most exciting prospects of student life. Opening you up to an entirely new culture, new people and a new way of life all while mastering your chosen subject. For many students, this has also been an avenue to moving to their place of study long term, and with COVID-19 restrictions having eased worldwide, the opportunity to learn elsewhere is becoming a reality yet again.

So similar to how we previously found where the world wants to live the most, we wanted to discover which countries are most popular for the world’s student population – and why?

To do this, we looked at global Google search data to reveal where the inhabitants of 164* countries are searching to study in the most, outside of their home country. Analysing the average monthly search volumes for phrases commonly associated with researching studying in another country and ranked by the most searched-for study location within each country, we were able to find which locations were coming out as the most popular. Below is what we found…

Which are the most searched for countries for studying overseas?

Echoing our results when researching where the world wants to move, Canada once again tops the rankings, with students evidently being just as drawn to the country as those looking to permanently relocate. 36 countries in total, with everywhere from Colombia to Jordan searching to study here the most.

But why is Canada so popular for students looking to study abroad? Firstly, the country itself proves to be such a draw. You’ve got sprawling cities paired with beautiful scenery, alongside notoriously friendly locals, strong healthcare and a good amount of job opportunities to help you earn while studying, or even after the course is complete.

All of this combined makes it no surprise that Canada features prominently in the Global Peace Index, but outside of just the Canadian experience, its education really wins out.

The country plays host to 10 of the top 250 universities worldwide, an accolade not many nations can boast, with the University of Toronto, McGill University and the University of British Columbia featuring as some of the very best. Regularly voted as having some of the best student cities too (Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver) it’s not hard to see why Canada is so far ahead of the competition in our research, with the inhabitants of 36 countries searching to study here.

That’s not to say that other countries aren’t great for students however, with the top 10 packed with great options for studying. Favoured by 13 countries worldwide, Spain ranked in second place, thanks to its vibrant culture and great climate alongside good study options. England featured just behind in third, widely revered for its renowned universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, you’ll find universities in most cities, with many specialising in particular subjects.

The Top 10 Countries for Studying Abroad

  1. Canada
  2. Spain
  3. England
  4. Japan, France, United States of America
  5. Australia
  6. Germany
  7. India, Kuwait
  8. Netherlands
  9. Portugal, Russia, Taiwan, Poland
  10. Malaysia