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Istanbul Airport

The Istanbul Airport Museum Is Opened

Istanbul Airport, Turkey’s gateway to the world, opens up new horizons by making it available to all international passengers. The Istanbul Airport Museum where 316 works from 29 museums are exhibited has opened with the exhibition “Treasures of Turkey: Faces of the Throne”. This raises the status of the airport, already a world hub with excellent passenger service, to that of a space for culture and art where works from all of Turkey’s history are displayed for travelers to explore. Istanbul airport joins other airports, such as San Francisco or Amsterdam that also host museums.  

Kadri Samsunlu, CEO of İGA Airport Operation Inc, comments on the opening of the museum: “ We want to transform the time spent in them into a unique experience. Our aim is to divert the attention of travelers towards art and culture.

The Istanbul Airport Museum also provides introductory information about the 18 sites in Turkey listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The first exhibition will present art from different eras in Turkey’s history.

“Treasures of Turkey: Faces of the Throne” shows 316 different pieces from 29 Turkish museums. The exhibition is a collection consisting of several fascinating objects such as the ‘Treaty of Kadesh’, the first known peace treaty in the history of mankind. The exhibition includes pieces from the prehistoric times of Göbeklitepe and Çatalhöyük, along with historical objects belonging to the civilizations of Anatolia and from many other periods. ” With this museum, we have been able to bring together some original pieces under one roof, something that would otherwise be impossible to see in one go,” says Kadri Samsunlu.

The museum is open every day from 09:00 to 21:00; admission costs 5 euros and the museum offers free entry to visitors under 8 years of age.

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