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Ukraine Reduced the Cost of E-visas

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to reduce the cost of electronic visas to Ukraine from November 1 and issue them under a new procedure.

Instead of $ 85 for a single e-Visa, the consular fee for a single e-Visa will now be $ 20, and for a double entry e-Visa – $ 30.

The applicant will be able to choose between regular or urgent procedure (with doubling of the tariff rate in the case of an urgent procedure).

e-Visa will be issued much faster: urgent processing will take only 1 working day, and the regular processing procedure will be 3 working days.

A new type of visa will be added to the existing one-time e-Visa: e-Visa for double entry.

“For many foreigners, the meeting with our country begins with obtaining a Ukrainian visa. This first impression should be positive. Ukraine should associate foreigners with convenient, fast electronic services,” said Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.