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The First Skyscraper Will be Built in Ivano-Frankivsk

blago developer, investment and development company, recently announced the launch of a new residential complex in Ivano-Frankivsk – SKYGARDEN. Due to the full-scale war started by Russia in Ukraine, the issue of housing has gained primary importance.

The company plans to implement the SKYGARDEN residential complex in the “Maizli” microdistrict on the territory of the former industrial zone near the city center. The concept of the complex envisages the creation of a “living” residential complex with its own full-fledged infrastructure and the largest area of landscaping.

The architectural composition of the residential complex involves a cascade of floors with the tallest buildings in Ivano-Frankivsk – 19 floors. Each section will have a different color design, and the facade will be decorated with vertical landscaping, creating a feeling of being constantly close to nature. Apartments on the first floors and penthouses have their own green terraces.

Boiler rooms are planned to be installed on the roof, and underground parking for 600 spaces is also planned.

The lake is planned to be improved next to the residential complex. According to the architects, the improved lake will be an aesthetic addition to the eco space, which will be successfully integrated into the apartment complex.