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How Many Ukrainians Migrated During the War and Do they Plan to Return Home

The research company Gradus Research analyzed the dynamics of Ukrainians’ migration attitudes from the first days of the full-scale invasion.

Russia’s war against Ukraine fundamentally changed the lives of the vast majority of the population — this is declared by 82% of respondents. And although 61% of Ukrainians remained at their permanent place of residence, others were forced to move to safer places. Of them, 82% migrated within the region they live or Ukraine, while 18% moved abroad. The vast majority of migrants are residents of the eastern regions.

Almost half of the migrants were already able to return home: 40% of Ukrainians were forced to leave their permanent place of residence, of which 18% returned. This mostly applies to residents of the northern regions and Kyiv.

A third of respondents (32%) who were forced to move abroad due to the war declared their intention to return to Ukraine at the first opportunity. 10% of external migrants tend to believe that they have left forever. The vast majority of them are natives of the western regions of Ukraine aged 25-34. At thukrainianse same time, almost half of the respondents (47%) are hesitant to answer, as they have not yet made a final decision. Their number has doubled compared to the previous wave of the study (July 2022 — 24%).

The difficult energy situation in the country and the constant threat of new missile attacks on Ukraine by Russia contribute to even greater uncertainty in the intentions of Ukrainians to return. However, the desire to return home at the first opportunity remains high.

Up to 27 percent of the respondents reported that they no longer plan to return to Ukraine from Finland.