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Ladies Golf

Open Ladies Golf Tour Cup Took Place in Kozyn

The women’s Open Ladies Golf Tour finals took place on September 4. The tournament took place on the Kozyn golf course. The results determined the winners in various categories, as well as the name of the winner of the cup in the 2021 season.

According to the results of the annual season, Anna Moiseeva won the cup. The winner of the 2020 season, Maryna Dyachenko, was invited to the award ceremony of the Open Ladies Golf Tour. The second place was taken by Tsvigun Kateryna, the third – Tereshchuk Alyona.

According to the results of the tournament round, the winner of the Final Tournament in the standings A was – Moiseeva Anna, second place – Tsvigun Kateryna, third – Tereshchuk Alyona. In the standings B – Julia Lishchuk, second place – Marina Dudko, third place – Daria Skorubska.