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Dnipro Airport

New Airport Will Be Built in Dnipro

Work on the construction of a new airfield complex begins at Dnipro Airport. This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure Vladyslav Krykliy in his Telegram channel.

“A tender has also been announced for the selection of a general contractor for the construction of the airfield. And the private investor NS Dnipro is starting to build new passenger and VIP terminals.”

Preparatory work will start tomorrow:

dismantling of transformer substations and remote control systems;
removal of communication cables and power supply;
switching of light signaling equipment;
moving the meteorological site, etc.

“For the effectiveness of the project implementation is divided into several parts and preparatory work is determined by a separate project. Their cost will be about UAH 12 million. This will allow to perform an important amount of work to prepare the infrastructure and ensure the continuous operation of the resort during construction,” said the minister.