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Laudamotion Announces New 2019 Aircraft, New Livery, New Offices

Laudamotion, Austria’s No. 1 low fare airline, today announced that it would double its Airbus fleet from 9 to 18 aircraft in Summer 2019 following the completion of Ryanair’s purchase of 75% shareholding in Laudamotion GmbH from Niki Lauda in August.

Laudamotion also announced a series of initiatives to support Laudamotion’s continued growth, which include:

– Confirmed delivery dates for 9 additional Airbus A320 aircraft for Summer 2019

– A new aircraft livery which reflects Laudamotion’s Austrian heritage

– New Vienna offices to accommodate more, high paid, high quality jobs

– Pilot pay increases and basic pay guarantees

Speaking in Vienna today, Laudamotion’s CEO, Andreas Gruber, said:

“Laudamotion now faces the future with great confidence, backed by the enormous financial strength of Ryanair, our new majority shareholder and Europe’s largest airline.  Laudamotion has already achieved load factors over 90% in its first summer season, thanks to the efforts of over 500 Laudamotion colleagues.  These 9 additional 2019 Airbus deliveries ensure that Laudamotion will grow again by at least 20% in 2019 to 5m guests p.a.  We look forward to offering even more low fare choices to Austrian and German customers.”