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“Time Machine” Was Installed in Riga

Riga now has the time machine that allows you to look at the last century and see what was Riga 100 years ago!  The one-minute video, called “Riga Time Jump”, can be viewed on any smart device or using a specially installed telescope at Riga Dome Cathedral Square.

VR Telescope is located at the crossroads of streets Smilshu and Jacob, near the Riga stock exchange, and for 1 Euro anyone can see the history with your own eyes. 

The solution developed by the Lithuanian company Nonsense.tv has become one of the first in the world the virtual reality of historical images that are distinguished by the highest cinematic quality. 

The image of last year’s Riga VR lasted only one minute, it took 9 months to create a creative group for it. In total, a team of 160 professionals from different fields worked on the Riga Time Jump project.