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Lviv City Hall

Last year Lviv was visited by 2.6 million tourists

According to the Lviv city administration, last year Lviv was visited by 2.6 million tourists.

According to Lviv Tourism Development Center’s  survey Ukrainians from other cities (41.3%), Poles (22.1%), Belarusians (7.9) are top three nations coming to Lviv. The list also includes Turks (7.3%), Germans (3.6%), Americans (2%), Lithuanians (1.6%), English (1.5%), Czechs (1.2%) and Canadians (0.7).

Both Ukrainians and foreigners are primarily using booking.com (75%) to book hotels (37%), private apartments (28%) and hostels (19%).

In 2017 the tourists have spent two times more money than in 2016 (615 thousand euros and 361.4 thousand euros, respectively). The average stay is 4.4 days, which is almost a day more than a year earlier.

In the Must-See list for average tourist is Town Hall tower (56%), Lviv Opera (31%) and the Lviv Castle Hill (23%).

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