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In 2017, UIA increased traffic by 16.4%

Ukraine International summarized operational performance. In 2017, UIA carried nearly 7 million passengers and, therefore, increased traffic by 16.4%. The UIA passenger traffic via Kiev Boryspil International Airport was increased by 18%, up to 6.25 million travelers.

UIA transit traffic on scheduled flights reached 54.1%. Domestic transit was increased by 16%, up to 543.4 thousand passengers; international transit was boosted by 22%, up to 2.68 million passengers. In 2017, UIA operated 65.4 thousand flights, by 16.6% more compared to 2016. The average load factor amounted to 80%.

UIA launched new flights from Kiev to Bergamo, Budapest, Krakow, and Kherson. Moreover, the carrier started operating non-stop flights from Zaporizhzhia to Tel Aviv and Batumi, as well as from Chernivtsi to Bergamo.

The airline kept increasing frequencies on the routes between Kiev and Beijing, Colombo, Dusseldorf, Vilnius, Brussels, Madrid, Chernivtsi, and Ivano-Frankivsk, as well as between Ivano-Frankivsk and Alicante.

Within the reported timeframe UIA increased mail and cargo traffic by 32.2%, up to 20.28 thousand tons due to further development of transit opportunities at Kiev Boryspil International Airport.

As part fleet renewal and extension program, in 2017 UIA received five Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft, including two brand new ones that arrived from Boeing facilities in Seattle. Meantime, the carrier decommissioned three Boeing 737 Classic aircraft and returned them to the lessor. Currently, UIA operates 42 aircraft with the average age of 10.9 years.

Ukraine International keeps enhancing Under the Wing CSR Program by providing those who need to undergo urgent treatment and rehabilitation abroad, i.e. seriously ill children, injured military personnel who took part in the anti-terroristic operation in Eastern Ukraine, and their companions, with free tickets. In 2017, UIA increased humanitarian traffic by one third, up to 3304 passengers.

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