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ICAO Confirmed the Status of Boryspil International Airport AvSec Training Center

Based on the evaluation results, the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO officially confirmed the international status of the Boryspil Airport ICAO Training Center for training and retraining of aviation security specialists.

The ICAO training center of State Enterprise Boryspil International Airport gained its status in 1998 and continued to undergo scheduled evaluations by international experts of the International Civil Aviation Organization in accordance with the regulations for compliance with international standards – every five years.

“We certify that the Aviation Security Training Center of Boryspil International Airport actively contributes to the development of aviation security potential for ICAO member states, providving regional courses, especially for the countries of the European and North Atlantic region (EUR/NAT). We highly appreciate the resolute desire of the Training Center of Boryspil International Airport to improve civil aviation security training and we truly hope to continue and develop further cooperation in further on,” stated David Sterland, Head of the Department of Support for the Implementation and Development of the Security Service of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO.

International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO is a specialized organization of the UN that establishes international standards of civil aviation and coordinates its development aiming at increasing security and efficiency. There are 35 ICAO certified training centers around the world. Kyiv is the only city in the world having two such centers – at Boryspil International Airport and at the National Aviation University.

The ICAO AvSec Training Center of Boryspil International Airport is certified by the ICAO Headquarters in Montreal (Canada) and the State Aviation Service of Ukraine to conduct aviation security training and retraining for specialists from Ukraine, the Baltic States, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries.

In 2021, 2,899 aviation industry specialists were trained at the Training Center. These are employees of Boryspil Airport and employees of third-party organizations from all over Ukraine and abroad. Currently, the ICAO Training Center continues to work online. Since February 2022, 650 specialists – employees of the Airport and representatives of other organizations – have completed aviation security training.