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Christmas Tree

How Ukrainian Cities Will Celebrate the New Year in War

At the moment, Ukrainian city municipalities are deciding on New Year’s celebrations during the war. Some regions are phasing out main Christmas trees and holiday illuminations based on a survey of residents conducted on city council websites.


In Kyiv, discussions about the Christmas tree continue. The city authorities announced their readiness to install a Christmas tree. However, a petition appeared on the website of the Kyiv City State Administration that it was inopportune to put up a Christmas tree in the capital, which very quickly gained the required number of votes.

Later, another petition appeared – for the Christmas tree, but the people of Kyiv have not yet supported it. The city authorities of the capital have not yet made a final decision on the New Year holidays.

However, the operational headquarters of the Kyiv Region Defense Council banned the use of festive illuminations, including Christmas trees, parks and streets. This applies to both commercial and municipal and state property.


In Dnipro, mayor Boris Filatov conducts a survey among residents about the New Year celebrations. He proposes to install a Christmas tree but turn on the illumination only on holidays. All this in order not to deprive children of New Year’s joys and the feeling of a Christmas miracle.


This year, the New Year tree will not be installed in Sumy. The funds that should have been spent on the maintenance of the Christmas tree will be directed to the city’s defense.


In Rivne, the Christmas tree will not be installed. According to the mayor of the city Alexander Tretiak, 56% of people were against the celebrations.

In the city center, where a Christmas tree stood in previous years, now they say goodbye to the dead soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The mayor planned to install a Christmas tree in the park, but this idea was abandoned.


In Zaporizhzhia, festive events will also be limited. However, the Christmas tree has not yet been decided, the chairmanship is being held. If the Christmas tree is installed, they will not spend money on it: they use the tree bought last year, garlands and decorations.

Poltava and region

The mayor of Poltava, Alexander Mamai, also does not object to the Christmas tree. However, you need to wait for the permission of the Cabinet of Ministers and the consent of the residents of the community.

In the city of Kremenchuk, Poltava region, they have already decided – they will mount the Christmas tree, but they will not spend money on decorations. There will be no mass winter holidays in the city either. However, the ice rink installed by the entrepreneur will work.

They plan to put up a Christmas tree in another city of the Poltava region – Mirgorod. But without illuminations and festive events with her.


In Ivano-Frankivsk, they plan to install a Christmas tree made from children’s drawings.

“We have an initiative – to put up not a traditional artificial Christmas tree, but to make a symbolic Christmas tree of victory from the drawings of our children. There will be more than a thousand of them. Therefore, there will be no usual Christmas tree,” Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv said.

At the Christmas tree, the city authorities promise to make a little lighting, but there will be no illuminations. However, for the holidays they promise to turn on street lighting for a longer time than now.


In Chernivtsi, they also decided to do without a Christmas tree. The authorities consider it inappropriate to install it on Cathedral Square during the war. There will also be no New Year’s location there, because now hangars have been placed on the square to help the settlers.

However, the authorities plan to install a 7-meter Christmas tree in the park and create photo zones in the squares.


In Chernihiv, no measures are planned before the New Year. According to the head of the city department of culture and tourism Alexander Shevchuk, in the current situation in the city they can only think about the elements of the atmosphere and welcoming children, and the format of the celebrations needs to be reconsidered.

It is known that not all regions of the country have decided on the format of the holidays.