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Countries Where You Can Not Drink Tap Water

Though you may dive deep into various travel guides for things to see and do when you land at your vacation destination, perhaps one of the last things you consider when traveling abroad is whether or not the water you’re drinking is safe for you to consume, as a tourist in the country. In this article we will unveil Countries Where You Can Not Drink Tap Water.

After all, it’s really easy to get to your hotel after a long flight, turn on the tap in your room and fill up a glass of water to quench your thirst, all without thinking about whether or not you really should be doing so.

Drinkable tap water is something that is often taken for granted in places like the U.S. and the UK, and even when tap water abroad is fine for locals, it might not be advisable for you to drink it unless you want to spend the duration of your vacation feeling rather unwell… 

To find out which countries had drinkable tap water for tourists, we looked at the CDC Travellers’ Health Destination Guides to reveal which tourist destinations are given the green light on their tap water for tourists to drink. 

Countries Where You Can Not Drink Tap Water