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Boryspil International Airport Partners with Nippon Koei Co. Ltd

Boryspil International Airport in Ukraine is charting new horizons through a strategic collaboration with Nippon Koei Co. Ltd, a prominent Japanese engineering and consulting company.

In a recent meeting, representatives from Nippon Koei and Boryspil airport management convened to explore potential opportunities for a comprehensive upgrade of the airport’s infrastructure post-war, as well as the attraction of Japanese investments for this purpose.

“Boryspil Airport plays a pivotal role for Ukraine. Our objective is to ensure the sustainability and continuous enhancement of the airport’s infrastructure and its competitiveness, essential factors for the economic development and investment appeal of the country,” stated Oleksiy Dubrevskyy, CEO of Boryspil.

During the discussions, the partners delved into possible avenues for collaboration to facilitate the airport’s post-war revitalization and identified priority areas for development. Drawing upon their extensive international experience in executing large-scale projects, both parties offered proposals aimed at efficiently and swiftly restoring airport operations.

Nippon Koei Co. Ltd stands as a venerable Japanese engineering and consulting company, distinguished as the oldest independent consulting firm in Japan. With a reputation for delivering comprehensive technology services, the company has established itself as a trusted business partner across various sectors globally.

The partnership between Boryspil International Airport and Nippon Koei Co. Ltd heralds a significant step forward in bolstering the airport’s capabilities and fostering its contribution to Ukraine’s economic resurgence.

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