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Ukrzaliznytsia Transports Nearly 800,000 Passengers on International Routes Since Start of Year

Since the beginning of the year, state-owned Ukrzaliznytsia has transported nearly 800,000 passengers on international routes, according to the company’s press service. The company expects an increase in demand for international travel during the summer.

The most passengers this year were transported to Przemyśl, with 451,000 passengers, followed by Chełm with 226,000 passengers, and Warsaw with over 82,000 passengers.

“The most popular train remains No. 67/68 Kyiv – Warsaw. The number of available seats is limited due to the specific nature of the carriages. RIC carriages, which can operate on both Ukrainian and European tracks, are used for this route, and the company’s fleet has a limited number of these carriages,” the statement noted. In total, 28 trains operate on international routes: 14 from major Ukrainian cities and another 14 from border towns.

These trains connect Ukrainian cities with destinations in Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Hungary, and Slovakia.

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