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BlaBlaCar Introduces Enhanced Women Only Feature for Safer Rides

BlaBlaCar is rolling out updates to its Women Only feature, offering women greater control and safety options when sharing rides. The upgrade allows female users to select rides exclusively with other women, enhancing their sense of security during travel.

The Women Only feature, a long-standing component of BlaBlaCar, has been refined to provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience for female travelers. Here’s what’s new:

Enhanced Activation

Female drivers now have the option to activate the Women Only feature directly when creating a trip. Previously, this setting could only be adjusted in additional settings after the trip was published, streamlining the process for users.

Improved Visibility

Trips designated as Women Only will now be prominently displayed in the general feed, ensuring that female passengers can easily identify and choose these rides. Previously, such trips were only visible to women who actively used a specific search filter, increasing accessibility for all users.

Restricted Access

Only registered female users will have access to view and select Women Only trips in search results, further prioritizing safety and comfort for women using the platform.

With these updates, BlaBlaCar aims to empower female travelers with greater control over their journeys and provide a safer transportation option for women across its platform.

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