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Ukrainian Railways

Ukrainian Railways May Have Separate Carriages for Women and Men

A petition has been registered on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, calling for the creation of separate train carriages for women and men in all Ukrainian Railways trains that travel for more than 6 hours.

The petition was created on May 15 by Olha Ozhohina and has already garnered over 2.5 thousand votes out of the required 25 thousand for consideration by the President of Ukraine.

The author justifies the petition by stating that when there is a need for sleep in a compartment or sleeper carriages, passengers may feel discomfort due to passengers of the opposite gender. There have been instances of unacceptable behavior, such as harassment and intentional touching of other passengers, reported. There have even been cases of sexual assault in compartment carriages.

Additionally, both women and men may feel the need to change their clothes, which is impossible to do in the presence of someone from the opposite gender.

Allocating at least one separate carriage for women and one for men would make journeys safer and prevent negative experiences for passengers.