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Belavia to launch Minsk – Zaporizhia flights

The National carrier of Belarus “Belavia” considering Minsk-Zaporizhia flights in 2018, said Igor Cherginets, deputy director of “Belavia”.

“Motor Sich” performs Minsk-Zaporizhia regular flights under the code-share agreement with us. But we still consider Zaporizhia to start flights in 2018. There is a small distance to Dnipro – not more than 80 km,” Cherginets said.

The airline wanted to open a flight to Dnipro earlier, but it was not allowed. “At first, we were refused in the summer of 2016, on the grounds that some reconstruction is taking place on the airport runway”. “And this fall, our application was simply refused”, said Igor Cherginets, deputy director of “Belavia”.

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