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Austrian Airlines to test the new Internet technology

Effective immediately, Austrian Airlines passengers will be able to use their mobile devices on board to test the airline’s future Internet offering at no charge. At present, ten of the 31 Austrian Airlines Airbus jets have already been equipped with Internet technology. Internet has been activated on four of these planes for Austrian Airlines passengers to test the new system at no cost. The offering of Austrian Airlines and its technology partner Inmarsat is based on the most advanced broadband satellite technology (Ka band). This ensures reliable Internet coverage on short-haul and medium-haul flights on the basis of the Inmarsat network Global Xpress (GX).

wifi-1371030_960_720“Whether you want to chat with friends, read the latest news online or stream films, our Internet on board offers our customers digital freedom at an altitude of 10,000 meters“, says Austrian Airlines CCO Andreas Otto.

Following the successful test phase, passengers will be able to choose from three different Internet rates: FlyNet Message for EUR 3, FlyNet Surf for EUR 7 and FlyNet Stream at a price of EUR 12 per flight. Sales will start in the first quarter of 2017. In addition to Internet use, passengers will be able to access cost-free content online at any time such as travel guides, Austrian Airlines services and information about Austrian Airlines.

Rates and the onboard offering
The FlyNet Message option is exclusively for using messaging services such as e-mail, WhatsApp and iMessage. In contrast, FlyNet Surf also allows for surfing on the Internet. Streaming will be possible with the FlyNet Stream package. All three Internet rates can be paid via credit card or payment services such as paypal. Deutsche Telekom will operate as Austrian Airlines’ Internet service provider.

In a second phase, Austrian Airlines will make its own, entertainment program available to passengers via the WLAN network in summer of 2017. This means that passengers, who bought FlyNet Surf or FlyNet Stream, will be able to take advantage of an entertainment program consisting of films and series using their own devices. However, as requested by passengers themselves, it will still not be permitted to make calls on board.

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