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United24 and “Artemsil” Released a Charity Batch of Salt from Soledar

The United24 platform and “Artemsil” presented a special batch of salt from Soledar with the support of “Silpo” and Rozetka, which was mined in the mines of Soledar.

In the summer of 2022, “Artemsoli” disappeared from the shelves due to Russian shelling. The workshops of the enterprise burned down, and the equipment was destroyed.

But the salt itself – salt from the mines of Soledar – survived. By the anniversary of the full-scale war, 20 tons of salt were found. They were divided into 100,000 symbolic packs with a special illustration – “Power. Ukrainian rock salt”.

You can buy a pack at any Silpo supermarket or order online at Rozetka.

The cost of one pack is UAH 500. The entire profit, i.e. 456 hryvnias from each, will be directed to the formation of a flotilla of kamikaze drones for GUR.

The speaker of the Bang & Olufsen brand in the colors of the Ukrainian flag was released in support of the United24 fundraising platform.