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Ukrzaliznytsia Transfers the Sale of Tickets for the Kyiv — Warsaw Train Online

From November 10, 2022, Ukrzaliznytsia will transfer the sale of tickets for the most popular train No. 67/68 Kyiv — Warsaw to the online market in order to prevent scammers and speculators and simplify access to tickets for passengers.

Ukrzaliznytsia increased the volume of international transportation compared to the indicators before the full-scale invasion by 9 times, launching 5 new connections to Europe. At the same time, the direct Kyiv — Warsaw remains the most popular. Although the supply of seats has been increased by 2.5 times, there is a shortage: the number of RIC-sized cars that can go to the Polish capital with a change of wheel pairs is limited.

At the same time, there has been an increase in the number of cases when our passengers become victims of speculator fraudsters who resell tickets “hand-held” or on social networks on their pages. In addition, cases of forged travel documents were detected.

In order to avoid this and ensure maximum transparency, since November 10, Ukrzaliznytsia is introducing a series of measures to regulate the sale of tickets for the “Warsaw” train.

From November 10, ticket sales for the Warsaw route will be fully online. Cashiers in the old “manual” format will not sell these tickets: there will be no need to stand in queues and “hunt” for tickets, and in a transparent online channel the railway will be able to track and block speculators.