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Ukrainian Tourists – Almost A Quarter in Antalya

How many tourists did Antalya lose in 2020?

According to data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkey’s most popular tourist destination, Antalya; down 81% and attracted 2.37 million foreign visitors In the 9 months of 2020.

During this period, the visits of the citizens living abroad to Antalya decreased by 69% and decreased to 157 thousand. Thus, the total number of visitors to Antalya in the 9-month period decreased by 80.5% and decreased to 2.53 million.

How far were Ukrainian tourists ahead of the Germans?

According to the data of Turizmdatabank.com Ukrainian tourists joined Germany and Russia, which have been Antalya’s two biggest markets for years, in 2020.

Russia ranked first with 985 thousand tourists in 9 months, followed by nearly 440 thousand Ukrainians.

During this period, the Ukrainian market surpassed German tourists by 170 thousand tourists. Last year, the number of German tourists coming to Antalya in 9 months was 1.3 million than Ukrainian tourists.

What was the weight of the Ukrainian tourist in Antalya?

According to the data, Ukraine, which provided 5.8% of the tourists coming to Antalya in 2019, increased this to 18.5% in 2020. Like Ukraine, the share of Russian tourists in Antalya has increased from 38% to 41.4%.

The biggest decrease in the weight of Antalya was experienced in the German market. According to the data, the share of Germans fell from 17% to 11%.

Will the British be Antalya’s main market?

On the other hand, the country with the highest number of tourists in 9 months was England. This market, where 193 thousand tourists came, was again in the 4th place in 2019. However, the British market continuous rising graph, just as tourism in Spain, in next 10 years may be the biggest source of tourists for Turkey and Antalya.

Poland becomes Antalya’s main tourist resource

While the rapidly growing Polish market since the 2016 crisis has entered the top 5 in Antalya tourism, around 64 thousand tourists came from the market in 9 months of 2020. The market has reached a number of tourists that quadrupled until 2019, especially after 2016, which was one of the deepest crises in tourism.

How many tourists came to Antalya in September 2020?