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Ukrainian Railways unveils five-year investment programme

Ukrainian Railways has presented its five-year development strategy for 2017-21. The strategy includes the investment of UAH130bn to 150bn.

UkrzaliznytsiaThe business model of “Ukrzaliznytsia” will consist of: transportation and freight logistics, passenger transport, infrastructure, traction services, manufacture and service.

Ukrainian Railways will invest in the creation of intermodal terminals and logistics services to grow its share of the container market from 29% to 45% in 2021. The plan also provides Ukrainian Railways transport services direct access to the EU market, the development of international transport corridors.

The passenger division will form six regional commuter operating companies in 2018, and a company to manage railway stations. The planned traction services company would be tasked with purchasing 250 new locomotives and modernising the current fleet. 

In general, investment in the industry for five years will amount to UAH130-150 billion, which will fully meet the needs of the Ukrainian economy in rail transportation.

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