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Ukraine Signs International Declaration on AI Safety

Ukraine Joins Global Effort, Signs International Declaration on AI Safety

Ukraine has taken a significant step in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) by signing an international declaration dedicated to ensuring the safety of AI use, as reported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

The declaration was signed by Deputy Minister Georgiy Dubinsky during the AI Safety Summit, an event that convened to address the security aspects of artificial intelligence.

Ukraine is among 30 signatory nations, which include the United States, Australia, various European Union countries, China, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. This collective effort reflects the global consensus on the importance of promoting AI development while also prioritizing safety and ethical considerations.

The declaration encompasses a range of critical elements related to AI. It provides insights into the latest research in the field of AI, highlights potential risks associated with AI technology, and addresses concerns such as the loss of control and possible adverse consequences stemming from its utilization.

By signing this declaration, Ukraine reaffirms its commitment to advancing the responsible and secure development of AI technology. The move underscores the nation’s dedication to harnessing AI’s potential for the benefit of state, business, and citizens, while actively engaging with international partners to address the challenges and opportunities presented by this transformative technology.

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