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Russian Drone Attack Causes Damage to Historic Kharkiv Building

In the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, a historic architectural gem, the “Kharkiv College of Transport Technologies” building, has suffered damage as a result of a nighttime drone attack conducted by Russian forces. The attack has left the building, which dates back to 1915, and was designed by architects I.I. Zahoskin and B.M. Kornienko as the “Initial Complex (Zaikivsky) School,” with partial destruction on its second and third floors.

In response to the structural damage, city officials have taken safety measures. Tram services in the affected area have been temporarily suspended to facilitate the safe removal of debris that poses a risk of falling from the building. Kharkiv’s Mayor, Igor Terekhov, confirmed the suspension of tram services and emphasized the need for caution during the cleanup.

Additionally, power outages have been reported in the Osnovyansky district, which Mayor Terekhov described as localized issues.

Regarding the fate of the damaged building, Mayor Terekhov noted that it would be dismantled, with plans for subsequent reconstruction. He emphasized that reopening tram services is not currently feasible due to the ongoing work and safety concerns.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its impact on historical and architectural landmarks, as well as the daily lives of local residents. 

Photo credit: https://suspilne.media