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Ukraine Received the Second Tranche for Resumption of Flights After the War

Ukraine has received the second tranche of funds from the European Voluntary Air Navigation Solidarity Fund, created under the auspices of the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (“Eurocontrol”).

This was reported by the press service of the State Enterprise of Air Traffic Services of Ukraine (“Ukraerorukh”).

“According to the agreement between Ukraine and Eurocontrol on the establishment of the Fund, the basis for the allocation of funds was the completion of the first stage of a deep assessment of the cost base of “Ukraerorukh” in terms of individual cost elements and payments, and the receipt of a positive report from external auditors,” the statement said.

The start of the process of professional training and maintenance of qualifications/competence of the operational (dispatcher) personnel of “Ukraerorukh” at the training centers of our foreign partners became a component of the second tranche.

As reported, the Voluntary Air Navigation Solidarity Fund was created in December 2022 to support the infrastructure, operational, and professional components of the Ukrainian air navigation system and directly “Ukraerorukh” as the national provider of air navigation services. The Fund provides donations to Ukraine and Moldova in the amount of 46.5 million euros.

Recall that since 02:45 on February 24, 2022, the United Civil-Military Air Traffic Organization of Ukraine (UCM ATU) closed the airspace for civilian aircraft. Therefore, “Ukraerorukh” has been deprived of sources of funding since then.