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Belvoir Castle

Ukraine Expands Its Tourism Destinations: 170 Must-Visit Places Revealed

The State Agency for Tourism Development (DART) has broadened Ukraine’s map of tourist attractions. As announced by the agency’s chairwoman, Mariana Oleskiv, on her Facebook page, there are now 170 such locations, and this number is not final.

“These destinations best represent our historical, cultural, architectural, and religious heritage, appealing to both Ukrainians and foreigners, whom we will be delighted to welcome after victory,” wrote the head of DART. In total, iconic tourist spots from all 25 regions of Ukraine, including Crimea, are included in the list.

Highlighting Crimea as Part of Ukraine

“Because Crimea is Ukraine, and we all know it perfectly well. After de-occupation, it will become popular because tourism is the main natural source of business for the peninsula. I am confident that Europeans will appreciate it,” Oleskiv emphasized. At the same time, she added that in the three eastern regions, which are currently partially occupied and subject to constant shelling, there are 20 tourist magnets.

“It is in the East and South, which suffer the most from Russia’s aggression, that nearly a quarter of the destroyed tourist attractions are located among those we identified in 2021,” she pointed out.

Preserving Ukraine’s Rich Cultural and Historical Heritage

The expansion of Ukraine’s tourism destinations is a significant step toward preserving and promoting the country’s rich cultural and historical heritage. With 170 must-visit places now officially recognized, Ukraine’s diverse offerings for travelers, both domestic and international, are increasingly being highlighted.

Despite the challenges posed by ongoing conflicts in certain regions, Ukraine is determined to showcase its unique attractions and welcome visitors from around the world. This initiative by DART represents a commitment to reinvigorate the tourism industry across the nation, boost local economies, and celebrate Ukraine’s rich cultural tapestry.

As these tourist destinations continue to flourish, Ukraine remains a country with endless opportunities for exploration, where travelers can immerse themselves in history, culture, and the warm hospitality of its people.

Vinnytsia Oblast:

  • Lyadivsky Svyato-Usiknovensky Cave Monastery of the 11th century.
  • Cherepashynetsky Quarry.
  • Vinnytsia Roshen Fountain.
  • National Museum-Estate of M.I. Pirogov.
  • Potocki Palace.
  • State Historical and Cultural Reserve “Busha”.


Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

  • Petrykivsky Museum of Ethnography
  • Tokivsky Waterfall
  • Vilnohirsk Quarry (“Dniprovsky Maldyvy”)
  • Central Culture Palace in Zhovti Vody
  • Quarry of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant (SGOK)
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral

Kirovohrad Oblast

  • I.K. Tobilevych (Karpenko-Karyi) Reserve-Museum “Khutir Nadiya”
  • Museum of Strategic Missile Forces
  • Theater of Corifei
  • Lake Berestuvate (Black Lake)
  • Cascade Area
  • Geometric Center of Ukraine
  • Ethnolaboratory “Baba Yelka”
  • Complex of Sites in Svitlovodsk (Kremenchuk Hydroelectric Station, Yacht Club “Crystal,” Blue Lake)

Poltava Oblast

  • Poltava Regional Museum named after Vasyl Krychevsky
  • Round Square
  • State Historical and Cultural Reserve “Field of the Poltava Battle”
  • National Museum-Preserve of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne
  • National Museum-Preserve M.V. Gogol
  • Town of Reshetylivka

Cherkasy Oblast

  • National Dendrological Park “Sofiyivka” and the city of Uman
  • Holodnyi Yar scenic area
  • Shevchenko National Preserve
  • State Historical and Cultural Reserve “Tripillia Culture”
  • Butskiy Canyon
  • Geographic Center of Ukraine

Volyn Oblast

  • Lake Svityaz
  • National Natural Park “Pripyat-Stokhid”
  • State Historical and Cultural Reserve “Ancient Volodymyr”
  • Historical and Cultural Preserve “Old Lutsk”
  • Olytsky Castle
  • Berestechko

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

  • Dovbush Rocks (village of Bubnyshche)
  • The center of the heritage of the Vyhoda narrow-gauge railway
  • Carpathian Tramway
  • Hoshiv Monastery and Manyava Skete
  • National Preserve “Ancient Halych”
  • Yaremche and Probiy Waterfall
  • Kolomyia and the Museum of Pysanka (Easter egg)
  • Center of Carpathian Culture (Kosiv) and the National Park “Hutsulshchyna”
  • Dniester Canyon


Zakarpattia Oblast

  • Uzhhorod Castle
  • Thermal Springs of Berehove
  • Palanok Castle
  • St. Miklosh Fortress
  • Shenborn Castle
  • Mineral waters of Svaliava
  • Shypit Waterfall
  • Lake Lypovetske
  • Lake Morske Oko
  • Synevyr National Nature Park
  • Uzhanskyi National Nature Park
  • Borzhava Mountain Range
  • Carpathian Mountains

Lviv Oblast

  • Olesko Castle
  • Pidhirtsi Castle
  • Zolochiv Castle
  • Svirzh Castle
  • Truskavets Resort
  • Tustan Historical and Cultural Reserve
  • Morshyn Resort
  • Skolivski Beskydy National Nature Park
  • Slavske

Olesky Castle

Rivne Oblast

  • Basaltovoe
  • Klevan (Tunnel of Love)
  • National Historical and Memorial Reserve “Field of Berestechko Battle”
  • Tarakaniv Fort
  • Dubno Castle
  • Rivne Regional Local Lore Museum
  • Ostroh Castle
  • Nobel National Natural Park

Ternopil Oblast

  • City of Kremenets
  • Zbarazh Castle
  • Plebaniv Viaduct in Terebovlia District
  • Buchach Town Hall
  • Verteba Cave
  • Panorama of Zalishchyky (Dniester Canyon)
  • Dyurynsky Waterfall

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

  • Sataniv Castle
  • Kamianets-Podilskyi
  • Bakota
  • Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park
  • Fortress in Medzhybizh Village

Chernivtsi Oblast

  • Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University
  • Pamir Station
  • Village of Bila Krynytsya
  • Khotyn Fortress
  • Shyshkovi Hills
  • Halytsky Monastery
  • Protiate Kamini

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

  • Khortytsia National Reserve
  • Zaporizhzhia Regional Local Lore Museum of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Council
  • Kamianske Settlement – the Capital of the Scythian Kingdom (4th-3rd centuries BC)
  • Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve “Popov Estate”
  • National Historical and Archaeological Reserve “Kamiana Mohyla”

Mykolaiv Oblast

  • Aktovsky Canyon
  • Trykratsky Forest
  • Balastne Lake
  • Olvia
  • Buzky Gard National Nature Park
  • Migiya
  • Biloberizhzhia Sviatoslav National Nature Park
  • Kinburn Spit

Odesa Oblast

  • Historical center of Odesa
  • Lower Dniester National Nature Park
  • Akkerman (Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi) Fortress
  • Wine and Flavor Road
  • Danube Biosphere Reserve and the city of Vylkove


Kherson Oblast

  • Baidyha Dunes
  • Oleshky Sands
  • Nova Kakhovka
  • Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve
  • Dzharylhach Island
  • Pink Lake Syvash
  • Henichesk



  • Swallow’s Nest
  • Mount Ai-Petri
  • Chersonesus Taurica
  • Genoese Fortress
  • Fort Kerch
  • Fort Totleben

Zhytomyr Region

  • “Kamiane Selo” (Stone Village)
  • Drevlyansky Park
  • National Museum of Space named after S.P. Korolev
  • Radomysl Castle-Museum
  • Turchynivka
  • Historical Complex “Carmelite Monastery of Barefooted Carmelites”

Kyiv Oblast

  • Chernobyl Zone
  • National Park “Mezhyhirya
  • Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, Kyiv
  • Kyiv Pechersk Lavra
  • Motherland Monument
  • National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine
  • Ancient Kyiv in the “Kyiv Rus” Park
  • National Historical and Ethnographic Reserve “Pereyaslav”
  • State Dendrological


Sumy Oblast

  • Desniansko-Starogutsky National Nature Park
  • Field of the Battle of Konotop
  • Shelekhiv Lake
  • State Historical and Cultural Reserve “Posol’skyy”
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral in Sumy
  • Hetmansky National Nature Park

Chernihiv Region

  • Novhorod-Siverskyi Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign”
  • National Architectural and Historical Reserve “Ancient Chernihiv”
  • National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Hetman’s Capital”
  • National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Kachanivka”
  • Beremytske Nature Park, Mizhrichynsky Regional Landscape Park

Donetsk Region

  • Holy Mountains National Park
  • Chalk Rocks of Bilokuzminivka
  • Salt Mines of Soledar
  • Stone Graves Reserve
  • Kleban-Bik Landscape Park
  • Mariupol

Luhansk Region

  • Vorontsove Field
  • Natural Reserve Fund of Kreminshchyna
  • Geological Natural Monument “Baraniachi Loby”
  • Derkul Horse Farm
  • Luhansk Regional Cossack Equestrian Theater


Kharkiv Oblast

  • Nataliivka Park-Monument of Landscape Architecture
  • Singing Terraces
  • Shariv Palace and Park Complex “Sadyba”
  • Feldman Ecopark
  • Central Park of Culture and Recreation
  • Kytsev Monastery
  • Dvorichansky National Nature Park
  • Hryhorii Skovoroda National Literary and Memorial Museum

You can view the map of expanded tourist attractions in Ukraine by following this link: http://surl.li/kzmmz